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I used to believe makeup's sole purpose was to conceal imperfections. But everything changed when I realized true beauty comes within. Today I stand by the idea that creativity is limitless and that there is nothing that can’t be achieved when you have makeup in one hand and your goals in the other.​


Hi! My name Shira Seaman and I’m a New York based makeup artist specializing in bridal and event makeup.


I first dabbled in makeup back in 5th grade when I was bullied for acne. I thought in order to be pretty I needed to cover up my imperfections… later I learned that was far from the truth, and that makeup was meant for enhancing not concealing.

After being a self-taught artist for several years I decided to further my education by attending Make-Up Designory in NYC. There I learned about every aspect of makeup, from beauty treatments, to FX character design/development, to creating prosthetics from nothing, and even hair styling.

Many people have described me as being charismatic, calming, hardworking, organized and time efficient. My desire to grow and conquer my goals enables me to overcome conflict with ease. I look forward to evolving and refining my Makeup Artistry in the Bridal Industry.

Now I know what you’re thinking… that’s what every other artist says and while you may be right, I can ensure you I’m different. Inspired by the true love of my great grandparents, Milton and Florence, I founded Milence Beauty - in their memory - on the idea that everyone deserves a chance to feel beautiful. Whether it’s a Wedding, Special Event, and or Photoshoot, I promise you WILL feel Beautiful on your special day.

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